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What is the Azrieli Science Grants Program?

The Azrieli Science Grants Program enables advancement in basic and translational neuroscience, with a focus on neural development and neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs). We provide multi-year funding to scientists from Canadian universities and research institutes, selected through peer-reviewed competitions. 

What is the mission of the program?

The Azrieli Science Grants Program aims to address challenging biomedical questions by funding research projects that chart new scientific territory, bring novel ideas to the field and encourage collaboration around specific research themes. Our mission is to drive discoveries in the molecular, cellular and physiological processes of brain development and homeostasis that could lead to greater understanding of, and interventions for, NDDs.

What does the award include?

Selected projects are awarded yearly grants for the funding period of two or three years to put towards eligible expenses.

How are the funded projects chosen?

Projects are ranked by an external peer-review committee of Canadian and international researchers with relevant scientific and clinical expertise. The top-ranked projects receive funding.

Past grants

Read about our previous funding calls and funded projects.

Other Opportunities

The Azrieli Foundation is proud to work with organizations to support open funding opportunities across many areas, including early career researcher support.

"Funding from the Azrieli Science Grants Program allowed my laboratory to pursue a new direction in our investigation of neural development, leading to a better understanding of how brains are built and how that process can be disrupted. The grant has been essential for our research on how the proteins that tell other proteins to form the basic building blocks of the brain are, themselves, controlled."
Sarah Hughes, University of Alberta
“RNA and the Brain” grant recipient

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