By providing resources and opportunities to learners at many stages, the Azrieli Foundation supports students and academics who will drive positive change and opens the doors to education for those who need it most.

Azrieli Fellows Program

One of the most generous and prestigious Fellowship programs in Israel, the Azrieli Fellows program supports the next generation of academic, research and innovation leaders.

Fostering Excellence and Opportunities

We provide support to students and academics at key points in their journeys: whether to bolster researchers making breakthroughs in their fields or to grant access to learners facing financial barriers.

CIFAR: Azrieli Global Scholars

Loran Scholars Foundation: Azrieli Loran Scholars

Brain Canada: Future Leaders in Canadian Brain Research

Children’s Aid Foundation

The latest edition of Aperio magazine

From the early universe to early humans, scientists and scholars decipher the building blocks of our world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect and nurture potential, wherever it exists, with the resources and the wisdom necessary to open the doors to a better world — one individual at a time.

How we work

At the Azrieli Foundation we are passionate about a rigorous but creative approach to philanthropy, strategic collaborations, leadership and bold thinking. We believe these are the keys to knowledge that will create positive outcomes for future generations. We aim to achieve measurable impact in our priority funding areas and to improve the lives of others.

Our work in Architecture

David Azrieli left an indelible mark on Israel’s urban landscape and, with it, gained worldwide recognition as an entrepreneur, architect, and designer. Today, the Azrieli Foundation continues his work by promoting the next generation of architects, scholars, designers and engineers in Canada and Israel.

Our work in Music, Arts & Culture

Music and the arts allow us to express our creativity, expand our understanding of the world and foster cultural exchanges. The Azrieli Foundation is committed to supporting organizations that discover, elevate and amplify artistic voices, granting us access to meaningful experiences.