Message from the Chair & CEO, The Azrieli Foundation

Israel is one of the best places in which to conduct research. It is a country where creativity, innovation and courage drive exceptional science and scholarship.

Israel is also the home base of our Azrieli Fellows Program, which is now in its 15th year. This unique program empowers a dynamic group of academics from around the world as they increase the pool of scientific, technological and scholarly resources in Israel and beyond.

The program nurtures these scholars at a crucial stage of their life’s work. It enables them to take big risks and catalyze new discoveries in fields that range from physics, neuroscience and architecture to psychology and law. The program also underscores the importance of international networking and cross-disciplinary collaboration. I am inspired to see how the passion, dedication and brilliance of our Fellows is changing the research landscape.

I hope you will be just as inspired as you read Aperio, and I encourage you to learn more at

Naomi Azrieli, OC, D.Phil

Chair and CEO, The Azrieli Foundation

Dan Rubinstein

Mario Scaffardi

Dan Falk, Lisa Gregoire, Alex Hutchinson, Kurt Kleiner, Diana Kwon, Zac Unger

Copy Editor
Eva van Emden

Michael Fleck, Shauli Lendner, Boaz Perlstein, Ariel van Straten

Wenting Li

The Azrieli Editorial Board
Rochelle Avitan, Ceighley Cribb, Janine Druery, Michal Hatuel-Radoshitzky, Aviad Stollman

Aperio: Latin for uncover, reveal or make clear; the source of the English word “appear.”

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