Message from the Chair & CEO, The Azrieli Foundation

Resilience and communication are endemic to the human story.

This edition of Aperio speaks to a theme that I care deeply about: human communication.

For centuries, communication has aided in building bridges of understanding across cultures, distance and time. In this issue you will read about Azrieli Fellows who are using communication as a lens. One researcher demonstrates translation as a source of interpretation of the Hebrew Bible. Another researcher explores communication in its most literal sense through research into why language evolves. There is also a glimpse into the spread of Islamic society through the study of ancient communications.

Our Azrieli Fellows come to Israel from around the world to engage in creative, interdisciplinary research. Since the program began in 2007, we have empowered nearly 500 scholars and scientists to understand, empathize and persevere. The resiliency of our Fellows and Israeli academia is exemplified through their continued research excellence.

I am inspired by their discoveries. The creation of new therapies for cancer and innovative materials for a more sustainable environment are two major contributions featured in this edition that demonstrate our hope for a better world. Together, let’s harness the power of communication to build a world where every voice is heard, every story is valued, and every opportunity for positive change is embraced.

Naomi Azrieli, OC, D.Phil

Chair and CEO,
The Azrieli Foundation

Alan Morantz

Mario Scaffardi

Jeff Bolichowski, Ty Burke, Dan Falk, Kurt Kleiner, Katharine Lake Berz, Alan Morantz, Zac Unger

Copy Editor
Eva van Emden

Hadas Parush, Boaz Perlstein, Céline Sadonnet, Jonathan Small, Chris van Houts

The Azrieli Editorial Board
Rochelle Avitan, Ceighley Cribb, Janine Druery, Dafna Sofrin-Frumer, Aviad Stollman

Aperio: Latin for uncover, reveal or make clear; the source of the English word “appear.”

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