Azrieli Foundation Pledges $31 Million for At-Risk Youth in Israel

The funds will support joint efforts to keep at-risk youth in school, strengthen schools in the geo-social periphery of Israel, and promote equal opportunity in education.

Azrieli Foundation and Darca Schools Announce a New Strategic Partnership

Azrieli Foundation and Darca Schools, Israel’s #1 educational network, announced today a strategic partnership that will integrate the Azrieli Institute for Educational Empowerment in the Darca Network and will support the Network’s reach. Azrieli Foundation has committed 110 million NIS over a five-year period.

The Last Survivors: Memories of the Holocaust

The Last Survivors is a case study presenting two experimental approaches to engaging with the memories of the last living Holocaust survivors: the Azrieli Foundation’s interactive documentary experience, “Re:Collection” and the USC Shoah Foundation’s “New Dimensions in Testimony,” an interactive, volumetric conversation with survivors. At the center of both projects is Pinchas Gutter, survivor of six Nazi concentration camps, who tells his story to future generations in innovative ways.