Canada’s Azrieli Foundation Launches the Azrieli Music Arts and Culture Centre

Photo: Danylo Bobyk

The funding body is uniting its grants and strategic initiatives under a single banner that will also include the Azrieli Music Prizes

Canada’s Azrieli Foundation recently launched its new Azrieli Music, Arts and Culture Centre (AMACC). The center is intended to act as an extension of the Foundation’s work in providing funding opportunities that grant broader access for practitioners across the arts.

In addition, the center will focus on awarding funding to a broader range of recipients, thus increasing access to the arts for underserved communities.

Founded more than 30 years ago, the Azrieli Foundation is the largest non-corporate foundation in Canada. Its flagship program is the biennial Azrieli Music Prizes, and this competition for composers has become one of the most important of its kind anywhere in the world.

The Foundation’s philanthropic mission covers education, research, healthcare, and the arts — and in the past decade, it has expanded its arts funding opportunities by more than 2000%.

“With the Azrieli Music Arts and Culture Centre, we aim to support the continuum of arts engagement for all Canadians — from accessing quality arts education to enjoying the arts as vehicles for improved health and well-being,” said Dr Sharon Azrieli, the Chair of the AMACC Advisory Council.

“By uniting our grant-making, sector collaborations, strategic initiatives, and Azrieli Music Prizes program under the AMACC banner, we will create an impact that is greater than the sum of its parts, ensuring more Canadians of all ages enjoy a deeper relationship with the arts,” she added.

Originally published in The Violin Channel. View the original article here.