Scientific research and patient care are inextricably linked. The Azrieli Foundation fosters excellence and innovation in scientific research, from fundamental to translational, and improves lives by supporting quality healthcare.

Azrieli Science Grants Program

The Azrieli Science Grants Program provides multi-year funding to fundamental neuroscience projects related to neurodevelopmental disorders. The program holds yearly competitions for applicants based at Canadian universities and research institutes.

Healthcare and Caregiving

We seek to improve the lives of individuals and strengthen communities by supporting healthcare providers, medical education and health system approaches that meet diverse needs.

Bar-Ilan University: Azrieli Faculty of Medicine

Jewish General Hospital: Azrieli Heart Centre

Canadian Friends of Sheba Medical Center: Sheba Azrieli Cardiovascular Tower and MSR – Israel Center for Medical Simulation

Through the Canadian Centre for Caregiving Excellence, a unique initiative powered by the Azrieli Foundation, we support caregivers and care providers, advance the capacity of the caregiving field and advocate for visionary social policy.

Training and Capacity Building

We foster excellence and innovation in research by supporting infrastructure and capacity-building initiatives.

Mount Sinai Hospital: Azrieli Israel Medical Fellows

Jewish General Hospital:  Azrieli Israel Medical Fellows

Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital: Tranforming Autism Care Consortium – Quebec Autism Research Training Program

Funding Opportunities

In addition to the Azrieli Science Grants Program, the Azrieli Foundation partners with organizations to support open funding opportunities across many areas, including neuroscience, global health and early career researcher support.

Future Leaders in Canadian Brain Research in partnership with Brain Canada  

Joint Canada-Israel Health Research Program in partnership with Canadian Institutes of Health Research, International Development Research Centre and Israel Science Foundation (see recipients of the latest round of funding) 

Azrieli Global Scholars in partnership with CIFAR

Transitions in Care in partnership with Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Research Excellence, Diversity, and Independence (REDI) Early Career Transition Award in partnership with Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Past Initiatives and Grants

Past initiatives catalyzed by the Azrieli Foundation continue to promote excellence in the science and healthcare fields.

Azrieli Program in Brain, Mind & Consciousness in partnership with CIFAR

Azrieli Institute for Systems Biology in partnership with Weizmann Institute of Science

Azrieli Neurodevelopmental Research Program in partnership with Brain Canada

Introducing the Azrieli Accelerator at the University of Calgary

Continuing its groundbreaking support of brain research, particularly in neurodevelopment, the Azrieli Foundation announced on January 26th a new commitment of $25 million to the University of Calgary.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect and nurture potential, wherever it exists, with the resources and the wisdom necessary to open the doors to a better world — one individual at a time.

How we work

At the Azrieli Foundation we are passionate about a rigorous but creative approach to philanthropy, strategic collaborations, leadership and bold thinking. We believe these are the keys to knowledge that will create positive outcomes for future generations. We aim to achieve measurable impact in our priority funding areas and to improve the lives of others.

Learn more about our work in Neurodevelopment

We are proud to support research initiatives and community programs that enhance the quality of life for individuals with neurodevelopmental disabilities.

Learn more about our work in Fellowships

By providing exceptional scholars with access to academic resources and opportunities, we encourage creative thinking, the cross-pollination of ideas and novel solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues.