The Azrieli Foundation promotes inclusion and enhances the quality of life for neurodivergent individuals. We ensure that people with lived experience are included in the development and implementation of innovative programs, services and transformative research.

Our support of neurodiverse initiatives spans our work in other areas, including education, research, healthcare and community programming.

This Social Enterprise Network is building a neurodiverse workforce

By convening a network of Canadian organizations, the Azrieli Foundation is empowering enterprises that provide meaningful employment opportunities for neurodivergent adults.

Employment and Social Enterprise

We spearhead and support programs and services that ensure meaningful and equitable employment opportunities for neurodivergent adults, including through employment readiness and vocational training initiatives.

DANI (Developing and Nurturing Independence)

Good Foot Delivery

Spectrum Productions


Public Policy Forum: Skills Gaps, Underemployment, and Equity of Labour-Market Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities in Canada

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation: Youth employment programs

Education and Social Inclusion

We help neurodivergent individuals thrive in neurodiverse and neurotypical environments by supporting specialized educational initiatives and organizations that focus on social inclusion.

Giant Steps

Summit School

The Dunblaine School

Trails of Summer Day Camp

Centre For ADHD Awareness, Canada


L’Arche Toronto

Miriam Foundation 

Autism Alliance of Canada

Miles Nadal JCC

Kayla’s Children Centre

JDC Israel Unlimited

Habilitas Foundation

Donald Berman Yaldei Developmental Center

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect and nurture potential, wherever it exists, with the resources and the wisdom necessary to open the doors to a better world — one individual at a time.

How we work

At the Azrieli Foundation we are passionate about a rigorous but creative approach to philanthropy, strategic collaborations, leadership and bold thinking. We believe these are the keys to knowledge that will create positive outcomes for future generations. We aim to achieve measurable impact in our priority funding areas and to improve the lives of others.

Our work in Science & Healthcare

Scientific research and direct patient care are inextricably linked. We foster excellence and innovation in translational research and clinical care.

Our work in communities

We are proud to support initiatives that positively impact the lives of marginalized and vulnerable individuals.